Canine Healing


Now digitized and interactive aura and energy readings are not just a luxury for human clients, but animals as well! This cutting-edge technology is manufactured using the same precise Biofeedback technology as our other successful systems. The Animal Aura are simple to connect and come in direct contact with the dog or cat making the unique aura and chakra analysis accurate and complete in deciphering and unveiling the animals’ inner wellness. This exciting new technology reveals true energy states of animals in the same format as our standard interactive aura video software, but is tailored to fit animals in graphics, text and report descriptions. We can now discover the personalities and inner wellness of our furry family members.


Our pets, like us, suffer from stress, created by their environment, including ourselves, or by their own fears and anxieties.  Dogs are usually very stoic, in nature if they show weakness, they are killed, so they have learnt to hide any weaknesses. If we can see how they really feel, then we can help make them feel stronger and happier.


We can also see how our personality traits and energy affect their personality traits and energy. Sometimes we are complementary, so balance each other out, or we might be similar and understand each other without having to say anything. We can learn how our dog best learns, and communicates, thus creating a happier dog-human relationship. Meaning we can be best buddies for the rest of our lives together. 



Printed dog aura and energy report on A4                    £25

Printed human aura and energy report                          £20

Printed human and dog aura combined                        £20

All three reports                                                                   £50            


Savannah before and after treatment


The aura started as base colour blue, calm, affectionate and eager to please, with green around the sides demonstrating loving people and animals. After the healing treatment, she became violet, magical and imaginative, demonstrating a change to being more spiritual. It also became slightly bigger showing more energy and vitality available.


All the chakras improved by 10-20%, demonstrating more balance in the energy centres after healing.


The emotions calmed down, yin and yang more in balance, and the energy levels more equal and higher.


Cadbury before and after treatment


The aura started as base colour lavender, with white on the right side demonstrating an energy sensitive dog, who has possibly felt the healing on Savannah, although they were in separate rooms. After the massage treatment the aura became even larger and yellow, with green on the right, demonstrating more vital energy, and a relaxed, happy, playful dog who loves other people and dogs. 


The chakras were all out of balance, with the heart and base chakras being the lowest. After the massage treatment they all increased by 30-40%, with the base being 90% and the heart 80%. This shows how beneficial the massage was to energy chakras, not just physical muscles.


His emotions became calm, his state of mind-body became more positive. His energy level bars have calmed down to mind-body-spirit balance, which is more suited for daily life. His yin and yang have slightly gone out of balance, but not enough to be concerned.


These reports demonstrate how beneficial receiving a healing treatment as well as a massage treatment is to a dog’s energy wellness.