Canine Massage Treatment

Each massage is totally unique and no routine is followed to allow each and every dog to receive the most beneficial massage for them in the areas they need it most. Each massage is adapted and adjusted to suit the indivildual dog with their needs, the way they physically respond and their body language being taken into account throughout the session.

I go beyond just applying massage techniques to your dog. My approach is to consider the whole dog and what is going on with them. Then I can discuss with you how various issues could be addressed. My 20+ years of study in the human holistic health field enables me to bring a comprehensive approach to your dog. My goal is for your dog to achieve optimal well being on all levels, resulting in a long, happy and healthy life.

I enhance the effectiveness of massage sessions by incorporating an energy balancing technique, Reiki, and magnet therapy, which I have been professionally trained in. Dogs tend to be more sensitive than humans to massage work and respond better if the practitioner can tune into what is going on with them intuitively. Because of my extensive training in energy work and our own sensitivity to bodywork, I can sense how your dog is responding to the session and adjust my technique accordingly. Dogs may sometimes have trouble tolerating massage, in which case I can work entirely with energy balancing techniques.

A 15 minute consultation before the massage gives a full understanding of your dog's history, exercise, behaviour, habitual patterns and diet. This is followed by gait and postural analysis along with a full body palpitation and muscle balance to assess areas of tension, muscles that may be overcompensating for other muscle groups unable to function correctly, and any areas being impeded by scarring or old injuries.



It should be noted that Valerie Fillery acknowledges and respects the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 1962 by never working upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval, which she will obtain for you. Your vet is then sent a full Post Treatment Report after your dog's treatment is completed.