Talks and demonstrations

A 2 hour talk and demonstration on the importance of Canine Massage using power point presentation and a practical demonstration on a dog. This is essential knowledge for owners of dogs that compete in agility, flyball or gun dog training, as well as the average pet dog who can also suffer from the occassional aches and pains or injuries.

If owners have brought their 'well behaved' dogs, they can then practice on them with some professional guidance to the correct massage for their individual dog. 

The talk contents are:

Benefits of massage
Contra indications
How muscles are used during different movements
Blood and lymph circulations
Nervous system including:
                                        Myotomes and dermatomes
                                        Individual canine conformation and how it can affect injuries
Soft tissue damage and how it heals
Common injuries including:
                                        Luxating patella
                                        Anterior cruciate ligament
Hip Problems including:
                                        Hip dysplasia
Massage moves and their effects
Massage demonstration and practice including:
                                       Maintenance massage 
                                       Pre exercise massage
                                       Post exercise massage

These talks are usually held at your regular meeting place and can include dogs, space and behavior allowing.

There is a nominal donation required, to cover the expenses.

Comprehensive hand outs are given outlining the massage techniques and reasons for doing them.