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Professional caressing at dog salon

Before I can touch and treat your dog, I will require your vets consent and any details of your dog’s health which might be important. The form can be found under FORMS section on this website. This is to ensure there is nothing that needs medical treatment as well as respecting the Veterinary Act 1966.

Also, where practical and possible, before a session commences, notes will be gathered from the you, owner or carer.  This will include details about your dog, the reason Reiki is sought, the dog’s character, temperament, a brief case history and any diagnoses, whether or not Reiki or massage has been offered before, and if so, further relevant details. This form can be found on the FORMS section on this website.

The above information will determine how my treatment is best offered for the best results and to ensure safety for all. The Canine Massage and Reiki treatment is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied.

A session is typically carried out in the dog’s familiar surroundings where he/ she is most relaxed and comfortable or a safe area where the dog can move around and settle on a comfortable mat. External noises and distractions should be minimised, so if the home environment is too busy, then the dog safe area is the best place. I work from a lovely place in Down Ash, near Hailsham in East Sussex.

If the dog is unknown to me or has not received Massage or Reiki before, a hands-off approach is often how the treatment commences. I will sit on the floor, and project my intention in the form of a kind of healing bridge to help the dog. There is no restriction or force used, the dog has full control of the way the session progresses. Some will sit somewhere in this ‘treatment bridge’ enjoying the experience until they feel comfortable to come and maybe be touched by me. Others will stay outside the energy treatment bridge until they are ready to share my healing energy. A few, especially traumatised rescue dogs will take a while to accept the offer, however, they enjoy the calm atmosphere and will benefit from the experience.

Reiki may be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, other sensations, or nothing at all. Some dogs may wish to sniff my hands or step away slightly. Others may come closer offering their sore parts to me. If I feel that the muscles and soft tissue needs a massage and the dog consents, then I will add in some bespoke moves to help.

The length of Reiki/massage sessions may vary, but are usually half to one hour in duration. Even one single Reiki session can make a difference, however a course of regular treatments may be more effective. These may be weekly, fortnightly or less often depending on the needs of the animal.

It is determined by your dog.

Any treatment plan will be discussed, agreed and reviewed as necessary and always subject to the preferences of the dog and the dog’s owner or carer, with the option to change it at any time according to progress.

Rather than just working your dog there may also be a need to offer Reiki to you, the owner or carer. Dogs are very sensitive to energy and without realising it, if their owners or carers are stressed or anxious, their dogs pick up on this and it can trigger or exacerbate emotional and behavioural issues in them. As a result, there is a need to sometimes work with both you, the owner and the dog to help resolve a dog’s issue. This can be seen when walking your dog in certain situations makes the dog nervous, and reactive. Reiki may help your dog overcome its fear related reaction but if next time they are walked by you they detect the anxiety again so their symptoms can come flooding back again. So it is especially important to help you, the owner too to achieve the long term goal.


This energy is gentle and can be given to any person, or animal of any age should they wish to receive it. They do not need to be physically awake to decide. If their body does not wish to receive Reiki, the energy will not flow. When they have had enough it will stop flowing as they no longer draw it from me. I can either offer distance Reiki for dogs who are not within 15 miles of Stone Cross or Down Ash, so cannot have a in person treatment, or for people who cannot get to me for any reason. It is just as powerful but without the added massage treatment. I will arrange a suitable time for you to sit quietly with your dog and I will be in my quiet healing space. This can last about 20 minutes. We can the evaluate and reflect on the treatment via email or phone call.

Before After

Savannah before and after treatment

  • AURA

    The aura started as base colour blue, calm, affectionate and eager to please, with green around the sides demonstrating loving people and animals. After the healing treatment, she became violet, magical and imaginative, demonstrating a change to being more spiritual. It also became slightly bigger showing more energy and vitality available.


    All the chakras improved by 10-20%, demonstrating more balance in the energy centres after healing.


    The emotions calmed down, yin and yang more in balance, and the energy levels more equal and higher.

Before After

Cadbury before and after treatment

  • AURA

    The aura started as base colour lavender, with white on the right side demonstrating an energy sensitive dog, who has possibly felt the healing on Savannah, although they were in separate rooms. After the massage treatment the aura became even larger and yellow, with green on the right, demonstrating more vital energy, and a relaxed, happy, playful dog who loves other people and dogs.


    The chakras were all out of balance, with the heart and base chakras being the lowest. After the massage treatment they all increased by 30-40%, with the base being 90% and the heart 80%. This shows how beneficial the massage was to energy chakras, not just physical muscles.


    His emotions became calm, his state of mind-body became more positive. His energy level bars have calmed down to mind-body-spirit balance, which is more suited for daily life. His yin and yang have slightly gone out of balance, but not enough to be concerned.

Before After

A young puppy, Konnor before and after treatment

  • AURA

    The aura started as base colour yellow, with orange on the head, feet and right side demonstrating a sociable, happy dog. After the Reiki treatment the aura became even larger and white, demonstrating more vital energy, and a spiritual, connected, loving dog.


    The chakras were all low, between 30-40%, with the Solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras being the lowest, showing a young dog learning to cope with his new life away from his breeder family. After the Reiki treatment they all increased by 50-60%, with the third eye being 90% and the others apart from the sacral 80%, with the sacral being 70%. This shows how beneficial the Reiki was to energy chakras, for a young puppy coping with a new strange life.


    His emotions became calm, his state of mind-body became more positive and he is more relaxed. His energy level bars have calmed down and mind-body-spirit is very spiritual meaning he is strong in his individual strength. His yin and yang are perfectly in balance.

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