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I qualified as a Physical Therapist in 1986 and have practiced remedial massage, Reiki and many other holistic human therapies, to help people with their wellbeing to enable them to have the best quality of life.

In 2007 I diversified into the canine world, the true love of my life.

I studied Canine Massage at the Galen Myotherapy Centre, the most well-established training organisation in canine health, providing externally accredited courses. It was established by Julia Robertson in 2002 and has always been at the forefront of imparting knowledge and interpreting how behaviour and muscle pain manifest in our dogs. They are passionate about enriching the lives of dogs through treatment, research and education. I have continued with this philosophy.

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Valerie Fillery

I learnt Reiki in 1999, and although anybody having attended these courses to the second, professional level have the ability to work on humans and animals, I was always aware that any animal therapy needed more experience and knowledge. The law relating to animals is now more restrictive than laws relating to working with humans, and guidelines on working on animals have tightened with Reiki on animals becoming regulated, I have now become recognised by the UK Reiki Council as a professional Animal Reiki Practitioner. I practice as a mobile canine therapist, using your own home or a dog friendly establishment near Hailsham, East Sussex.

Val and her husband Brian live with their two canine companions, a Golden Retriever, Savannah and a yellow Labrador called Konnor. Since 2008 they have been frequent voluntary visitors to local nursing homes, schools and businesses for the charity called Canine Concern, to help give emotional support and stress relief to anyone who needs it. In 2016 Val took over as the CEO of the charity, which had been running since 1988. This together with her therapy work and having fun with her own dogs keeps her very busy and happy.

Professional caressing at dog salon

Canine Massage

Massage is not a luxury item for dogs but an important technique for improving your dog's well-being. Dogs have muscles too! Just like humans, dogs can get strained and sore muscles from several factors.

Woman doing Reiki therapy for a dog, a kind of energy medicine.

Canine Reiki

Reiki, whether for people or animals, is a gentle and non-invasive hands-on or hands-off complementary and holistic energy therapy that can benefit the mind and body.

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